Tradition Not Addiction


 Our Data and National Data shows:

Alcohol is the most commonly used and abused drug among youth   in Oklahoma.

(ODMHSAS 2014 OPNA Survey-Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes, SPTHB-TEC Substance Abuse   Prevention  SPF-TIG Report 2014-2015 Cheyenne and Arapaho)

The trend data for 12th grade students show an increase of alcohol use in the last 30 days every year from 2010-2014.

Cheyenne and Arapaho youth alcohol related arrest rates in Canadian, Custer and Washita tribal jurisdictional counties are nearly double the state rate.

Female youth monthly use of alcohol in the past 30 days in nearly double the rate of males.



Oklahoma had the eighth highest age-adjusted drug overdose   death rate in the nation, 49 percent higher than the U.S. rate. More   overdose deaths involve prescription painkillers than alcohol and all   illicit drugs combined.

(OSDH/CDC Fact Sheet September 2015)

12th Grade Students’ data on non-medical use of prescription drugs are double the rate of Oklahoma.

Female youth non-medical use of prescription drugs is 30% higher than male use.

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